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The Different Types Of Damp That Can Affect Your P

Posted in Surveyors Slough by Spencer Lion on 16th March, 2015

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What Are The Different Types Of Damp?

There are four main types of damp that can affect your property. It is important to establish which type of damp is causing the problem in order to effectively deal with it.

Rising Damp

This is caused by damp rising from the ground and coming into contact with walls and rising up the wall by capillary reaction.  The water breaches the damp proof course to rise up the wall. The breach can be due to an ineffective damp proof course (DPC) that may have been damaged or alternatively there may be situations where the damp proof course is breached and the damp finds a way around the DPC.  Rising damp will only affect basements and ground floor walls at low level. Rising damp will usually form a tide mark and you may also notice white salts on the damp areas. Rising damp will be more noticeable during wet winter months.

Penetrating Dampness

This type of dampness will only be found on the external envelope i.e. external walls and roofs as a result of an external defect. Leaks through the roof can be seen in the roof space and often on ceilings. Penetrating damp is more prevalent and noticeable during wet weather and usually will appear as a damp stain, often slightly yellow appearance to the perimeter of the staining.

Defective Plumbing

Leaks from plumbing can affect any area of the house. Characterised by damp staining and damp to the touch.


This is the most common cause of damp within properties. Moisture is generated through use of the property such as laundry machines and drying wet clothes on radiators etc. Cooking and bathroom use will also increase the moisture in the air. 

The moist air will come into contact with colder parts of the buildings such as windows and walls and cause moisture droplets to form. This will be soaked up by the finishes plaster, timber etc and in time black mould will grow on the surface.

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