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Schedules Of Condition Part 2

Posted in Surveyors Slough by Spencer Lion on 02nd March, 2015

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Schedules Of Condition Part 2

In the previous blog we looked at applications for schedules of condition, both to do with building works and impact on the neighbouring premises and for recording the condition of a property at the start of a lease. In this blog we will deal with condition surveys and maintenance schedules (or life cycle works).

A schedule of condition of an estate or a series of premises can be used as a base point to establish the condition. Additionally, life cycles can be applied to the various elements to ascertain when replacement is required. Costings can then be applied to the schedule to enable yearly forecasts for budgeting purposes. Where there is a large portfolio of property, items can be scheduled and included on a database. This can enable negotiating deals for bulk buying elements, for instance carpets and paint.

On large blocks or small estates it is often necessary to try and even out the expenditure over a period of time. In this way a sinking fund can be allowed to build up and meet the forecast expenditure. This is often achieved by collecting all the raw data and then finessing the timescales to suit. The life spans are only approximate predictions and often many elements can be moved within a year to suit budgetary requirements. However, certain items will be fixed. Plant can fail and will require immediate attention.

Likewise, failure of roofs and drainage systems cannot have their life cycles extended; when they fail replacement is required immediately. Complementary activities should be considered as part of the programme. For instance, scaffold erection should be minimised over a life cycle plan to ensure all works can be undertaken once the scaffold is in place. The mechanical and electrical works can impact fabric works particularly if replacement involves taking up floors and chasing out walls.

At Spencer Lion, we try to understand what the client wants from the maintenance schedule. Often surveyors will simply produce a schedule which is a statement of fact and not consider any of the client issues. The schedule can also take into account proposed expansion and disposal of buildings to ensure capital is efficiently allocated. It is important to be open about the client’s requirements before tailoring the schedule to ensure it is of maximum benefit and easy to use and understand.

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